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Greyhound 2020 HDRip full full torrent download

Greyhound 2020 HDRip
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Greyhound 2020 HDRip

Genre: war, action, drama
Director: Aaron Schneider
Stars: Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Shaw, Stephen Graham, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Lee Norris
Split: A captain who first led a convoy of Allied ships that transported thousands of soldiers through the insidious waters of Blackpool to the front lines of World War II. Without protection from air cover for 5 days, the captain and his convoy must fight enemy Nazi boats around them to give the Allies a chance to win the war.
Container = Matroska (avi)
Duration = 01:31
File size = 1 GB
Information codec = AVC V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC
Resolution = 720×300
Show ON = | : 1
Bit = 700 kbit / s
Frame = Color space CFR = IUV
Chromal subamping = 4: 2: 0
Encoder = k264 – core 142 r2479 dd79a61
Information codec = AC-3 | A_AC3
Channels = 6
Bit = 384 kbit / s
Sampling = kHz
Language = English

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Unhinged: Ausser Kontrolle 2020 DVDRip hd free movie torrent

Unhinged: Ausser Kontrolle 2020
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Unhinged: Ausser Kontrolle 2020

At the crossroads, the woman became the object of her anger after meeting an unstable man.
Derrick Borte Author:
Carl Ellsworth stars:
Russell Crowe, Jimmi Simpson, Caren Pistorius | The Russell Crowe Academy Award winner in Stars Unhinged, a psychological thriller that brings something we all experience – the rage of the roads – to unexpected and frightening results. Rachel (Caren Pistorius) is late for work as she crosses the street with a stranger (Crowe) at a traffic light. Rachel immediately finds herself and all she loves is the goal of a man who feels invisible and wants to make his last mark in the world by teaching him deadly lessons. Next is a dangerous cat and mouse game that proves you never know who you’re driving next to.

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Knives Out 2019 DVDR FastDL free movie torrent download

Knives Out 2019
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Knives Out 2019

The detective investigates the death of the patriarch in an eccentric and infected family.
By Rian Johnson:
Rian Johnson stars:
Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas | When the famous crime writer Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer) was found dead on his property shortly after his 85th birthday, the curious and irresponsible detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) was mysteriously engaged to investigate. From Harlan’s dysfunctional family to his dedicated staff, Blanc reverses the network of red herring and self-serving lies reveals the truth behind Harlan’s early death.

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Bad Boys For Life 2020 tpb download movie torrent

Bad Boys For Life 2020
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Bad Boys For Life 2020

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File: Boys for Life 2020 NEW 720p HD-TS x264 HQ-CPG

: 1 57 min

File: GiB

: Matroska

Video: 3,407 kbps


Video: AVC


: 1272×600 pixels

Frame: (30000/1001) FPS


Audio: MPEG 3 audio layer

: 2 channels

Sampling: kHz

: 320 kbps

Miami seekers Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett have to face a couple of revenge mother and son drug dealers in the city.
Adil El Arbi (as Adil), Bilall Fallah (as Bilall) Authors:
Peter Craig (story), Joe Carnahan (story) Marcus and Mike face new challenges (career changes and middle-age crises) as they team up with the Miami Police Department’s new elite AMMO to defeat the ruthless Armando Armas, the ruthless leader of the drug cartel. Miami.

Tytu: Bad boys for life!

Ocena: IMDB – (84185), Filmweb – (13169)

Production: United States, Mexico

Gatunek: Akcja, Sensacyjny, Comedy, Krymina

Czas trwania: 124 min.

Premier: – wiat

Reyseria: Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallah

Screenshot: Chris Bremner, Peter Craig, Joe Carnahan

Functional Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett ponownie ruszaj do akcji! Gdy wizienia ucieka pasjca dz landy baronowa drugykowego cartel, bohaterowie staj przed najwikszym wyzwaniem swojej dotychczasowej karierze. In the case of special ammo – amok pokolenie policyjnych twardzieli.

Will Smith … Mike

Martin Lawrence … Marcus

Vanessa Hudgens …. Kelly

Alexander Ludwig …. Dorn

Charles Melton …. Rafe

Paola Nunez …. Rita

Kate del Castillo …. Isabel Aretas

Nicky Jam …. Zway-Lo

Format: AVI at 1,580 kbps

Duration: GiB 2 3 min 58 431 ms

Video # 0: Visual MPEG-4 at 1442 kbps

Aspect ratio: 640 272 () fps / s

Audio # 0: 128 kbps MPEG audio

DATA: 2 channels, kHz

Source: / DVD

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O Irlandês 2019 Língua Portuguesa Completo Filme Torrent

O Irlandês 2019
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O Irlandês 2019

Um assassino idoso lembra seu tempo com a multidão os eventos sobrepostos com seu amigo Jimmy Hoffa nos anos 50 70.
Autor de Martin Scorsese:
Steven Zaillian (roteiro), Charles Brandt (livro)
Robert De Niro, Al Pacino Joe Pesci Frank “O irlandês” Sheeran é um homem que tem muito em mente. O ex-oficial do sindicato assassino aprendeu durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial a servir na Itália. Agora ele relembra sua vida os hits que moldaram sua carreira na máfia mantêm laços com a família Bufalino. Em particular, papel que ele supostamente desempenhou no desaparecimento de seu amigo de longa data Jimmy Hoffa, ex-presidente da Irmandade Internacional de Teamster, que desapareceu misteriosamente aos 62 anos no final de julho de 1975 tem.

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Extraction 2020 HDRip AC3 hd full torrent download

Extraction 2020 HDRip
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Extraction 2020 HDRip

Genre: Action, scary
Director: Sam Hargrave
Stars: Chris Hemsworth, David Harbor, Golshifteh Farahani, Rudhraksh Jaiswal, Pankaj Tripathi
Plot: Tyler Rake, a fearless mercenary on the black market, begins his deadly career when he is asked to save a kidnapped boy from an internally imprisoned boss.
Media Info
Previously = Matrix (avi)
Duration = 1:57
File size = 1 GiB
– Video
Data codec = AVC V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC
Resolution = 720 302
Show AR = | : 1
Transmission rate = 1300 kbps
Frame rate = CFR color space = YUV
Sampling chrome = 4: 2: 0
Encoder = x264 – then 142 r2479 dd79a61
– Aigoo
Data codec = AC-3 | A_AC3
Channel = 6
Transmission rate = CBR 384 kbps
Sample = kHz
Language = English

Tyler Rake, a fearless black mercenary, began his deadly career when he was asked to save the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international criminal.
Author Sam Hargrave:
Joe Russo (scriptwriter), Ande Parks (based on the graphic novel “Ciudad”) In the world of arms trade and human trafficking, a young man becomes a soldier in the war between known drug lords. Captured by a kidnapper in one of the world’s most impenetrable cities, his rescue is reminiscent of the incomparable skill of a mercenary named Tyler Rake, but Rake is a rotten and helpless man who saves his deadly desires that make up his mission. is almost impossible.

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La llamada de lo salvaje 2020 PDVD Completa Torrent Descargar

La llamada de lo salvaje 2020
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La llamada de lo salvaje 2020

Un trineo luchó para sobrevivir a la vida silvestre de Yukon.
Autor Chris Sanders:
Michael Green (guión), Jack London (basado en la novela) Estrellas:
Harrison Ford, Omar Xi, Kara Ji | Call of the Wild es la historia de vida de Buck, un perro grande amigable que cruza St. Bernard Scotty Collie, despreocupados, se separaron repentinamente cuando robó de una casa en el condado de Santa Clara, California, fueron conducidos al norte para su venta en Skagway, Alaska, se trasladaron más al norte a Dawson City, Yukon, más adelante en el año. Década de 1890 en la fiebre del oro de Klondike, cuando se requería una poderosa fuerza de perros. Como recién llegado al servicio de perros, no hace mucho tiempo, a su línea de frente, Buck, un perro que, a diferencia de otros que resultó herido no podía serlo, tuvo una vida. Obligado finalmente a la batalla, su último propietario, John Thornton, lo llevó alrededor del Círculo Polar Ártico, en algún lugar entre el Yukón Alaska, poco a poco se basó en sus instintos principales, formó una civilización adoptó el “llamado salvaje” como su propio maestro.

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