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The first time that I am aware of “me” (the body), I recognized myself in the mirror. The First time that I’m aware of myself (the mind), I  asked my mom, “why I am inside of ‘me’? Why I can only see through my eyes and hear from my ears? ”

I forgot how she replied,  but I secretly found the way to get out of my body . When I was listening to a story or reading a book, when I was dreaming, when I was trying to feel others’ feelings, the barrier of body seems dissolved, I was free and shuttling between the stars. 

But the body does not yet vanish. I’m always curious about the existence of the body. What is body and what is consciousness, what is representation of self, what separates me from others, what allows me to empathize with others and things like the emergence of culture and civilization, which is unique to human beings.  

Then I make things in spite of myself. The fragments of stories and dreams fly with nonlinear time, at last they fall down and grow in my hands, break through the barrier of body and the boundaries of reality. they become passages that I can move in or out of freely.

So I will be completed, I’m not just inside of “me”. I’m neither a cage nor a pocket, I’m not an island. I am the boat in the belly of a world currently. I am the wormhole between the physical universe and my own universe. I have no barrier.

why I’m Inside “Me”

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